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AMP Training (Group Training)

Accelerated Movement with Purpose

Designed to take your fitness to the next level, you’ll focus on form, proper coaching, and challenging your body and mind.

Additional Info

Everybody! Beginners, intermediate, and your full on fitness fanatic.

  1. Personal Coaching
  2. Testing and Reevaluation
  3. Meal/Nutrition Plan
  4. Small Group Training/Togetherness through teamwork.

This is a six-week program that meets twice a week 30 minutes.

We have the following sessions to choose from:

A. MON./FRI. 8:30am
B. TUES./THURS. 12:30pm
C. TUES./THURS. 3:45pm
D. TUES./THURS. 5:45pm
E. THURS.6:30/SAT. 8:30

$175 Members
$225 Non-Members

Call 904.770.2391 to reserve your spot today!